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Friday - Saturday May 17-18, 2024 at New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program ... TICKETS 

Performance: Sienna Blaw, Dasol Kim, Paulina Meneses, Kelsey Saulnier

Sound: Ryan Wolfe

Costumes and Styling: Sonya Gadet-Molansky

THIRD VARIATION is the Epilogue to THE SUITE, which was developed through the Trisk Fellowship at Triskelion Arts. 
The work revises typical structures and characters of romantic, plot-de-emphasized ballets and practices a casual technique integrating form, pantomime gesture, and mellow bravura. THIRD VARIATION further manipulates the circumstance to reconsider presentation and the ephemeral doppelganger.

"Through a dreamlike photo-negative seduction of quotation and abstraction, four excellent dancers run through rigorous technical exercises and weave tenuous relationships in a darkly charmed void warmed by a candle’s flame." 

Sarah Cecilia Bukowski, The Dance Enthusiast

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