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Welcome to Be Here


Premiered April 2018, Hallie Flannigan Studio Theater at Smith College, Northampton MA


Reprised at CHOP SHOP: Bodies of Work Festival, Seattle WA (February 2019), TDH Festival for Emerging Choreographers, Jack Crystal Theater NYU (June 2019), HATCH Presenting Series (March 2019) 

Performers: Serena Anne Cattau, Maggie Goulder, Kelsey Saulnier, Ian Spak

Lighting: Cara Board

Costumes: Cora Grant 

Photography: Derek Fowles

Using inspiration from Juhani Pallasmaa's The Eyes of the Skin, Welcome to Be Here captured authentic experiences of structure to prove that dance and architecture are fundamentally related by the active body, both grounded by the necessity of bodies in space. The world consisted of references to other places through abstraction of generated material. 


Awarded the Excellence in Dance Studies Award for outstanding work in this senior capstone project and overall contributions to the Department of Dance, Smith College



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